Discipleship 101

Instructor:  Jason Pucel
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About the Course

Discipleship 101

What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? After a person becomes a Christian, there is not a miracle of instantaneous spiritual maturity; just as a newborn infant does not instantaneously mature into a physical adult.

Time must pass and growth must occur in both cases before a degree of maturity is achieved. Part of this maturing is exploring and searching for the truth of a life in Jesus; this is called discipleship.

In discipleship we learn the foundations of our faith life: we learn unshakable truth about God, Jesus, the words of the Bible and how we walk in faith. Real discipleship is lifelong… some lessons are learned easily others are a struggle; but in all things God is with us.

Real followers of Jesus are not called to sit in pews for a couple of hours on a Sunday; but to live each day (each moment!) in loving God first and our neighbor second and then obeying the teachings of Jesus.

Course Structure

  • Unit 1 - Tenets
  • Unit 2 - Identity
  • Unit 3 - Disciplines
  • Unit 4 - Gifts


Jason Pucel
Jason Pucel